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Plan Your Career in Canada

We help ‘international students’ to get admissions in High Schools of Canada. Our aim is to provide online counselling to students who want to join Canadian high school. Canada is known for multi-cultural values, tolerance, diversity . Robust democracy, strong banking system, dynamic immigration policies and great entrepreneur environment makes Canada one of the most favourite places in the world to study, live and work.
  • Mission
    Our Mission is to provide the right admission guidance for students who want to make Canada their dream study destination.

Career in Canada

Know Your Requirement

  • 1. Valid passport (With minimum 1 year expiry)
  • 2. Verified Academic Transcripts
  • 3. Birth certificate
  • 4. Valid Photo ID issued by Govt. of the student and both/single parents
  • 5. Parents Financial statement issued by Government Registered Bank of the last 6 months with proof of sufficient funds
  • 6. Self-Declaration Form (Sign by Parents with Date/Address/Signatures)

Career Development Program For Canada

3 Steps to Reach Canada

Discover Your Personality

Canada Career
Suitabilty Test

CDP helps students to choose the right subjects/program in grade11 and 12, according to their personality type and interests. We help you to discover the right career pathways for you in Canada . Our Counsellors will match your Personality type and interests with the right subjects in Grade 11 and 12 , which matches your future university programs. This career pathways will lead you to the right programs in college/university in Canada. CDP is a 'Career Mentoring Program' for students seeking admissions in Canadian schools.
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Some Faq’s

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For which class/grade, I can apply for admissions to Canadian School?
    You can apply for grade 11 or for grade 12 admissions in Canadian school. The right time to apply at least 6 months before the commencement of classes in Canada. New Session normally starts twice a year in Sept and Feb.
  • How much I have to pay at the time of Application, means Application Fee?
    Applicant/Student have to pay $ 300 (Application Fee charged by school ) + $ 200 (Charged as counselling fee) = $ 500 (Non-Refundable), as application fee , along with Passport copy , Academic Transcripts, and All Docs required for Canadian School Admissions.
  • What is Proof of Acceptance?
    Your school must send you a Letter of Acceptance. Include the original or electronic copy of your letter with your Study Permit Application.
  • What is Conditional acceptance and prerequisite course.?
    Some times If you’ve been conditionally accepted, this means you need to take prerequisite courses. For example, these might be English as a second language or French as a second language course. You must complete these before you can start your main study program. If this is the case, you may be issued a study permit for the length of those courses plus 1 year, by immigration officer. Once you’re accepted into your main program, you’ll need to apply for a new student permit to extend your stay as a student.
  • How can you make your application better?
    By writing ‘A letter of Explanation’ or SOP (Statement of Purpose), this letter helps the visa officer to understand you and your goals
  • What is the tuition fee for one year and other charges?
    Normally the tuition fee for 1 year starts from 23000 Canadian dollars and other charges such as housing , food, basic stuff can cost 15-18000 CAD.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Most of Canadian schools provide 100 % refund if visa & study permit is rejected, after getting a Letter of Acceptance. But School application fee (normally $300) & $200 ( counselling fee of Canada School) is not refunded.
  • How can I make payment?
    The whole payment except $200 counselling fee will go to Canadian School account directly.
  • What docs are required for Study Permit?
    Before you apply for a Study Permit, you need: An Acceptance: letter from Canadian School. A valid passport or travel document Proof that you can support yourself, and any family members who come with you, (sufficient money) while you’re in Canada. Guardianship Letter and Proof of Stay (rent paid for 1 year).
  • Where I can get Accommodation?
    School can make ‘housing arrangements’ , like home stay or independent or semi independent stay. Students can also make their own stay arrangements.
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